Offices and contact persons

Lagardère Sports Tennis & Golf Sweden AB
Vasagatan 43 A
411 37 Göteborg
Phone: +46 31 940250


Lagardère Sports Tennis & Golf Sweden AB
Kyrkogatan 6B
269 33 Båstad
Phone: +46 31 940250
Phone: (during the event): +46 725 83 60 00

Event Management

Christer Hult, Tournament Director

Henrik Stenmo, Sales & Key Account Manager

Lotta Olmarker, Project Manager

Karolina Söör, Volunteers

Sara Bergh, Key Account Manger & Project Manager

Mikael Falk, Project Manager

Viktor Hägerström, Project Manager

Cissi Widén, Tickets & Project Manager

Marcus Dunér, Press Official

Simon Aspelin, Sales & Hospitality

Karolina Brunström, AD


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